Dear TCK community

Since life at the moment is filled with so many chaotis twists & turns, we hope that you are staying happy and calm.

The spread of COVID 19 throughout the world, and the increase of cases in South Africa is worrying to say the least. As always the health and saftety of our team and you (our customers) is our top priority.

In this blog we like to keep you up to date, of our evovling response to the virus & the measures we are taking to fight it.

But before we disucss our response to COVID 19, we would like to emphasize that, in the midst of it all, please don't forget to be (and react) conscious. Don't panic, stay grounded, meditate, limit media intake (rather ensure that you are correctly informed), fuel your body with healthy plant-based goodness & help others wherever possible. Let's defeat this virus together with love & unity!

In line with South Africa's national lockdown we have closed the doors to our sit down cafe on the 27th of March. 

However, since the impementation of level 4, we are not delivering our enitre menu via Ubereat. You can find everything on there, from our glittery Unicorn bowl, to our juicy Beyond Burger, our delicious coffees & pink banana pancakes. 

We have also launched our webshop, were you can order your favorite juices & shots in bulk, juice cleanses, COVID 19 care packs, granola & much more.

Moreover, since the 6th of May, we have reopened our doors again. The cafe remains closed, but we have used our beautiful space to create a mini vegan & organic supermarket.

Please stop by when you are around. We offer organic fruit & veggies, vegan treats like millionairs shortbread and vegan ferrero rocher balls, home made pickled veggies, hummus, pesto,, ecofriendly hand sanitzer and much more.

Our staff is following the strictest hygience principles. We are only allowing a maximum of costumers at the time inside the shop, and costumers' hands are being santized upon arriving. High contact surfaces are being sanitzed reguarly, and we have implemented regular twenty second hand washes. All team members have been briefed to stay at home when they feel (even slightly) unwell)

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting the return of glass bottles. We will continue to charge the R10 deposit, to cover the costs. Returns will be accepted again once the situation is under control.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you updated.

Hope to see you all soon again in the cafe!

Love, the TCK family.