The Conscious Kitchen is a plant-based juice bar & cafe on Kloof street, in the heart of Cape Town.We are striving for the most conscious way of eating, producing & consuming.
For us that means mostly plants, no processed foods and sugars.
It also means staying away from plastic & other non-bio-degradable packaging. It includes limiting wastage, recycling when possible & paying fair wages to our staff.
We try to source all our products locally and organic where ever possible - the fruits and veggies taste way better, and it supports our community's sustainability. 
While we firmly believe that the future is 100% vegan, we also understand that not everyone's journey is the same. That's why we added the option to add free range eggs (to our otherwise completely vegan dishes), or to swap the oat - or home-made almond milk in your coffees for cow's milk. When we do use animal products we make sure that they come from organic, free range farmers.  
Our hope is to create a safe place for everybody that is trying to make big or small, healthier, more moral & eco-friendly choices every day. We would like to remind people that there are no rules, no judgements, eat in a way that makes you feel strong & proud of what you put inside your body. Our goal is to create an awakening in the consciousness of how your meal came to be on your plate.
 Hence, our name: The Conscious Kitchen (or just TCK).