When it comes to eating and consuming conscious, the love, care and attention that goes into preparing your meals, juices, coffees and smoothies is essential. Therefore, we have taken extra care to select the most awesome and talented staff. We pay wages far above industry standard, and take care to create a fun and stimulating work place. We could not be more proud to introduce you to the super humans that make up the TCK team.


Get to know the individuals that welcome you at TCK every day.




I am originally from Bloemfontein, South Africa. I am a chef by profession for 10 years now. I have worked for various companies gaining experience along the way. After a while I started to experiment with vegan food, and I loved the possibilities! Now I am proud to call myself a vegan chef. I have been a chef at the Conscious Kitchen from day 1, so the place is very special to me, as I was there when we made up our first menu, the day we opened our doors and got our first orders. I love my job at TCK, because it allows me to be creative and come up with new and exciting dishes, all 100 % plant based. Cooking is my passion, it makes me happy to see people enjoy my food.




I grew up in Zimbabwe with a wonderful family, in an environment where motivation to fulfill dreams was like water from a stream. I came to South Africa to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. I worked at a few other companies, where I learned and gained experience, before I came to this wonderful and blooming company. I am a proud barista at TCK. I love making coffee, as they say life begins after a hot cup of coffee. I am so lucky and blessed to be around wonderful colleagues, and my experience & career has expanded to a greater extend.




Everyone knows me as "tete" (aunty). Born and bred in the capital city of Zimbabwe, the beautiful Harare. After I finished my tertiary education, I worked as a civil servant. I moved to South Africa in 2014, hoping to further my studies. I always wanted to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. I worked in different vegan restaurants before I joined TCK. I love the vegan community, and I am slowly becoming a vegan myself! I have joined a vegan for beginners, and I am a member of the plant based diet. I have a passion for food, not just any food, but healthy foods! My motto is : "save every living creature, 1 vegetable at a time".




I grew up in the Eastern Cape, in a town called Cala. I have a passion for food, and really enjoy working in the hospitality industry. I really love my job at the Conscious Kitchen, as it feels like a home. I have the best collagues & we have lots of fun while working. I am learning so much since I started working here. I never made vegan food before, but I really enjoy finding out all the possibilities there are, and tasting interesting new foods. I love it when I can see costumers are happy with the food or juices that I made for them. I will keep learning & growing here at the Conscious Kitchen.




Working with food has always been a passion for me. A love affair inspired by my dad who is a chef back home in Zimbabwe. I started off as a humble runner & worked my way up to being a waiter, barman, and now a qualified barista. Joining the TCK team was an oppurtunity to be part of a small & cosy team, whose shared passion for all things food & good is there for all to see! When I started working here, I was a bit sceptical about the vegan diet. But, after having done my research & noticing the difference eating more vegan food myself, I can say that I now totally get it! Costumers return for my special latte art, so make sure to ask for that teddy bear in your coffee!




I grew up in Zimbabwe, in a town called Karoi. I am the youngest child in a family of 3. I finished my studies in food & nutrition back in Zimbabwe, and in 2014 I decided to come to South Africa to chase my dreams & gain more experience. I have worked at various hospitality companies, in various roles. On the 1st of february 2020, my career changed for the better, as that is the day I started working at the Conscious Kitchen. I work with warm, friendly and passionate colleagues, and really enjoy my job here. I have not stopped learning since I got here!




As an international model, I had the privilege to travel our beautiful planet. That's how I (a Dutchie) ended up in Cape Town. Traveling has a wonderful way of contorting the world, so we can see it from new perspectives. I started to make connections that I previously ignored. I realized that what was on my plate were living beings, with feelings. From that first obvious realization, more and more things started to fall into place. I did my research, and the facts were shocking. The animal agriculture industry is not only unethical, but also the second largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas emissions (after fossil fuels), it's also the leading cause of deforestation, water- and air pollution and the loss of biodiversity. It dawned upon me that all these beautiful places I was seeing, were being destroyed by such selfish choices as what we choose to eat on a daily basis. I wanted to do better, but felt overwhelmed. With the Conscious Kitchen I hope to create a space where anyone that is interested in living more conscious, feels safe to try it out, without judgements. You can often find me in the shops, so if you have any questions, please ask!




While a vegan diet does not come natural to me, I have started to appreciate the vegan community since I started working at TCK. You can mostly find me lounging underneath one of the tables, keeping a close eye on the steady flow of costumers, ensuring that the place is secure and safe at all times. Most costumers are very friendly, and often compliment me on being cute. However, I like to think of myself more as a voracious lion. I am still in the process of figuring out how to get my paws on one of those peanut butter smoothies! Any tips are appreciated!




I am originally from Namibia. I started my journey as a chef 8 years ago from the bottom, and worked my way up through dedication and my overall passion for food. Working as a chef has taught me a lot, and prepared me for my journey as a vegan chef now. The Conscious Kitchen for me is not just a place I work at, it is a personal eye opening journey into the world of clean cruelty free eating, It has been an amazing journey so far, learning and seeing people enjoy what I prepare for them on daily basis. I don't see the Conscious Kitchen as just a restaurant, it is an institution and gateway steering the general public towards healthy living, and the overall realisation of the importance of thinking twice about what you put into your body, and the impact it leaves on the environment. I look forward to many more happy and full costumers, enjoying our delicious healthy food. I feel honoured to be part of the vegan journey. You can find me in the Kloof store on most days.




I started my culinary arts journey 4 years ago, as a young chef, after completing my Culinary Arts Diploma back home in Zimbabwe. My first job was in a private game resort by Victoria Falls, and afterwards I worked at various restaurants in Zimbabwe. However, I always had the ambition to taste different types of cuisines. When I came to Cape Town to purseu my culinairy dreams, I found my home in the Conscious Kitchen. I fell in love with the vegan cuisine, and all the different possibilties! It opened my eyes to a whole new way of working with vegetables and fruit, making them the star of the show! I hope to welcome you soon in either our Obs or Kloof branch, and show you the magic of vegan food.




Love is in the air and it smells like coffee. I go by the name Michael, a 21 year old proud barista with more than 1.5 years experience. I am from Zimbabwe, but grew up mostly here in Cape Town. A great journey of life it has been, until TCK made it glorious. The beauty of how nature works has made me realize how blessed we are at TCK, to be able to produce quality food and products to keep your day going. What on earth could be more luxurious than a swing, a pastry, and a cup of coffee? Join us at TCK, and let me know how I can make you smile! You can find me in Kloof or Obs, I like to move around :).