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Pure Squalane Concentrate With Vitamin E

Pure Squalane Concentrate With Vitamin E

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Squalane is a derivative of squalene. Squalene, a molecule naturally occuring in our skin's sebum, it is responsible for keeping our skin feeling supple and preventing transdermal moisture loss. As we age, we produce less squalene. 

Squalene, however, has double bonds, which render this molecule susceptible to oxidation. The oxidized products go on to cause skin damage and to cause breakouts. Squalane is squalene, but with the double bonds removed, a more stable version of the molecule. 

Squalane is derived from olive oil and is a comedogenic value of 0, meaning that it has the lowest rating for it's propensity to clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Use squalane after washing your face to lock in moisture and keep your skin feeling supple and soft, and to create a dewy glow. Mix squalane in with your foundation to adjust its appearance. 

Ash & Mill squalane is, pure squalane with added Vitamin E, free of water and other additives that may dilute it. 

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