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Mighty Mushrooms

Mighty Mushrooms

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A perfect daily tonic medicine, formulated in recognition of the entourage effect whereby the medicinal benefits of each mushroom enhance the others. Using some more obscure fungi this tonic aids in:

  1. regulating and boosting immune functioning
  2. protects the organs and restores tissue cells
  3. anti-inflammatory
  4. Anti-cancer
  5. Improves brain health 


  • 1-3 x 10 drops daily (maintenance is once daily, acute cases three times daily)
  • Adaptogen
  • Best to take morning, midday, mid afternoon
  • Could be quite invigorating 


For years pharmaceutical medicines have pushed isolated extracts of individual compounds - however modern research has shown that the biological effect of a whole mushroom extract was shown to have preferred activity over treatment with a single purified molecule. The enhancement of activity detected in phytomedicines was designated as the “entourage” effect. This effect verified that several compounds within a single mushroom have a higher activity when they are combined and not isolated - this same concept is extrapolated out when combining mushrooms - the overall health promoting abilities of fungi is drastically increased when combining 2 or more medicines in the correct dosage 

This Mighty mushroom blend contains well known mushrooms as well as some exotic fungi currently not sold in South Africa - the dosages have been expertly selected to provide radiant wellbeing 

  • MESHIMA - Phellinus spp. antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, cancers, liver 
  • ARTIST CONK - g. applanatum anti-tumour, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cardiovascular 
  • CINNIBAR-pycnoporussanguineus antibacterial, immuneboosting, decongestant, antiviral 
  • HOELEN-wolfiporiaextensa cancer, immuneboosting, anti-inflammatory, diabetes 
  • SPLIT GILL - schizophyllum commune cancers, tumours, adjunct treatment, immunomodulatory 
  • SNOWFUNGUS-tremellafuciformis skinhydration, promote nerve growth, support brain health 
  • MAITAKE-grifolafrondosa immunebooster,stress,diabetes,cardiovascularhealth,anti-inflammatory,nutritious 
  • ROYAL SUN - agaricus blazei cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, liver disease, digestive problems, ulcers 
  • SHIITAKE - lentinula edodes cancer, cardiovascular health, immune booster, circulation, nutritious
  • BAMBOO FUNGUS - phallus indusiatus inflammation, neurological health, stomach health, nutritious 


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